NER the company

We have a small but highly experienced team working across multiple marketing disciplines. We also work with over 40 skilled, competent associates – to ensure your project receives the best attention with the appropriate expertise that it needs. We have an office base in Aberdeen city but are happy to discuss your project by video conference wherever you may be. Why not arrange a call and see what we can do for your business?

The sectors we service

We work with a variety of clients from large companies to SMEs across multiple sectors such as oil and gas, automotive, fashion, music, accountancy and hospitality. We are confident to take on challenges from any sector.

Social media Marketing

We create a social media strategy, based on your requirements, that advertises across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn. Use our experience and expertise to identify and target the right prospects.

Direct mail advertising

We can manage for you a broad range of advertising including print, press and radio. Catalogues and letters by Direct Mail with precise lists gives you targeted access to millions of businesses and consumers. Ask for details.

CRM: Customer relationships

CRM means Customer Relationship Management and is an IT platform used to integrate and manage customer engagements from across all channels such as email, website and all marketing platforms. It can be simple or complex as your needs develop. Using CRM allows businesses to develop strong customer relationships and drive business growth.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click campaigns cost as much as you would like them to. You can set a daily budget to ensure that you control costs. Please discuss this with our experienced team who will explain how you can increase your sales through paid advertising on social media.

Generating leads

We can analyse your data to help increase traffic to your website and improve sales. Based on results we can make recommendations that can turn enquiries into conversions, provide a great experience to your customer and improve profits.

Video production

A short video on social media can send a highly focused message to your potential customers. This can be used independently or as a part of your social media strategy. This is a cost-effective way to send a call for action to increase awareness and enquiries for your product or service. Ask for details.


When you are looking for a complete design and print service for stationery, multipart NCR forms, books, magazines, brochures, diaries, calendars, publicity material and packaging, including printed carrier bags of all descriptions, N|E|R are second to none. Your order is guaranteed to be designed with flair and printed with care.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the print industry, we can provide everything modern facilities can offer.


New authors are welcome and we can help them to print and publish their first or fifteenth book. This includes cover design, marketing and online publicity and sales.

Businesses that need an in-house magazine or newspaper will receive the best support whether it is to produce content, printing, distribution – or all three. We use the latest technology to ensure high quality and speed – on short or long print runs.